I may die tonight (english version)

The bold and brilliant poet Mary Jo Bang lost her thirty-seven years old son. And to heal herself –even if she assures, and I believe her, she doesn’t see art from a therapeutic point of view– wrote a jewel titled Elegy (National Book Critics Circle Award 2007), A book written from that grief, seeking to translate her pain, or to expunge it, […]

Next Winter/El invierno próximo. Miyó Vestrini.

XII To Luis Camilo     I wake up I don’t wake up they detest me I have my tubes tied (I tie myself) With cruelty and premeditation I run over a motorcyclist I surrender to the Oedipus complex I wander around I study with utmost care the differences between dysrhythmia-psychosis-schizophrenia-neurosis-depression-syndrome-panic I get pissed off […]

The Heavens Have a Deaf Side. Patricia Guzmán.

The heavens have a deaf side It is convenient to open the boxes Pack the eyes Nod in the emptiness of empty Contemplate ourselves piously The heavens have a deaf side Who will reach the ear’s light Who will spin the box And who will find dwelling in the formless conscience And who will find […]

Trees and Absolute Silence. Yolanda Pantin. From Poemas Huérfanos, 2002.

A part of us wants to rely totally on the other, it is a part that needs care, a sorrow. Going back home where once I was myself, against all reality. But the Barrier draws a weapon, and clashes its cars against the garden fences where not even children are innocent. Something has to be […]

The Realm Where the Night Opens. El reino donde la noche se abre. Hanni Ossott

During this semester, in my Seminar in Translation at Columbia, I worked with Venezuelan poets. This one, written by Hanni Ossott, was the first work in the serie. Durante este semestre en el Seminario de Traducción, me dediqué a trabajar poetas venezolanos. “El reino donde la noche se abre”, escrito por Hanni Ossott, fue el primer trabajo de […]